Laymon Group is an esteemed employee benefits agency that offers a comprehensive range of Compliance Services to ensure that businesses meet their legal obligations and adhere to regulatory requirements. Services include ERISA, Section 125, ACA Compliance, and more. With a strong emphasis on compliance, Laymon Group provides expert guidance and assistance to navigate the complex landscape of employee benefits regulations.

One key aspect of Laymon Group’s Compliance Services is their partnership with Jason Cogdill, a highly skilled benefits attorney. Jason Cogdill brings his extensive knowledge and expertise in benefits regulations to the table, offering invaluable advice and legal support to clients. Having an experienced benefits attorney like Jason Cogdill as part of their team enables Laymon Group to provide clients with a deeper understanding of the legal implications and complexities surrounding employee benefits compliance.

Laymon Group specializes in various compliance areas, including ACA (Affordable Care Act) compliance. With the ever-evolving regulations and requirements of the ACA, Laymon Group assists businesses in understanding and implementing the necessary measures to comply with the law. They provide guidance on matters such as reporting and disclosure obligations, coverage requirements, affordability calculations, and other essential aspects of ACA compliance.

In addition to ACA compliance, Laymon Group also offers Section 125 compliance services. Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code pertains to cafeteria plans or flexible benefit plans, which allow employees to choose from a range of qualified benefits. Laymon Group ensures that clients establish and maintain Section 125 plans that comply with the regulations, providing assistance with plan design, documentation, administration, and compliance testing.

Furthermore, Laymon Group helps businesses navigate ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) compliance. ERISA is a federal law that sets standards for employee benefit plans, including retirement plans, health insurance plans, and other welfare benefit plans. Laymon Group assists clients in understanding their responsibilities under ERISA, ensuring that their employee benefit plans meet the necessary disclosure requirements, fiduciary obligations, and reporting obligations.

Overall, Laymon Group’s Compliance Services offer businesses peace of mind by providing access to a knowledgeable benefits attorney, Jason Cogdill, and comprehensive assistance in ACA compliance, Section 125 compliance, and ERISA compliance. By leveraging their expertise and staying up-to-date with the latest regulatory changes, Laymon Group helps clients navigate the complex world of employee benefits regulations, minimizing legal risks and ensuring compliance with applicable laws.

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