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We work with business owners, HR directors, and controllers to streamline HR processes, improve compliance, and introduce a more sustainable and competitive benefits plan strategy.

Business Owners

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Business Owner Services

Every employer wishes to recruit talented employees, especially for positions that are internal to performance and growth. Before hiring these employees, a company must first attract them to their business. Let us help you identify gaps in your compensation and benefits package and show you the most cost-efficient way to fill those gaps.

Local Government

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Local Government Services

Employees of municipalities typically have a higher calling. However, local governments still have to be competitive in the job market to attract talented employees who desire to serve their communities. Let us show you how to get there!

HR Directors

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HR Director Services

We know HR wears several hats these days. We have the tools, the services, and the know-how to make your job easier and less complicated while at the same time helping your company be more competitive in the job market. Let us show you how.


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Individual Services

Choosing the right insurance for you and your family is an important decision. It would help if you had unbiased consulting focused on you, the consumer. There are so many options: Health, Medicare, and Life insurance that without the right advice, you could pay thousands more than you have to. (Learn more button that takes you to a page about Health, medicare, and life insurance).

We would love to assist you. Contacting us is as simple as this short form.


About Us

At the Laymon Group, we prioritize the client experience over agency growth. We believe by offering a customizable benefits experience and keeping our client list to a manageable level, we can succeed in providing unique solutions that are tailored to each client.  
Our clients are provided considerable customer advantages by being an exclusive mid-size agency.
Smaller agencies often do not offer the same value-added services due to inadequate resources. Larger agencies tend to only focus on acquisitions and generic approaches to benefits with little personal service and communication.
The Laymon Group offers cutting-edge services and pairs them with effortless flexibility to provide customized solutions for our clients. 
We would love the opportunity to show you all that we do and how we can make the process of providing benefits to your employees more manageable and cost-efficient.


HR Director

The Laymon Group has helped me design, manage, and communicate our medical, dental, disability, life, and worksite benefits for over 5 years. Through creative plan designs and competitive brokering of benefits among carriers, the Laymon Group has kept our medical and dental renewals in the single digits while at the same time giving our employees plan options that best meet their individual needs.


Town Clerk

When we began working with the Laymon Group, we changed our health insurance provider as well. We had been through a rough changeover before and I was worried about going through it again. My worries were for nothing, though, as the Laymon Group was there every step of the way, and ensured that the switch went smoothly. Our employees were pleased, and when they're happy, I'm happy.

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